Low/no-code is democratizing creation and shifting power into the hands of the designer. Here’s how design tool startups will evolve.

Special thanks to the many designers, investors, founders, and startup operators who spoke with me over the last few months about the space: Paul, Toby, Mark, James, Toi, Frances, Erhan, Alison, Jill, Matt, Yiliu, Darren, and others.

In this post, I’ll be discussing…

  1. How the tech “hero narrative” has shifted from IT professionals to developers, and why designers are next
  2. How the definition of a designer has evolved over time
  3. Why the Figmas, Miros, and Zeplins of the world are just the tip of the opportunity iceberg
  4. Key inflection points happening in the design tool space
  5. What successful design tools of the future will look like

Democratization of Creation & Resulting Power Shifts

Empowering geriatric care providers with ML.

From left to right: Sam Prado (CPO), Robbie Felton (CEO), Evan Jackson (COO), Alex Rothberg (CTO).

Why We Invested in Intus Care

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many flaws in the American long-term care system.

Over the last year, the American healthcare system has been challenged with accommodating unprecedented patient influxes while maintaining appropriate levels of care for existing patient loads. Because most hospitals in the US already operated at or near capacity, COVID-19 significantly overwhelmed hospital systems, despite any surge plans they may have had in place. Long-term care (LTC) clinics and facilities were no exception. With older adults as one of the highest risk groups for contracting acute forms of COVID-19 and for getting hospitalized, LTC organizations quickly became ground zero for infection — the US reported that 41% of total COVID-19 deaths

Here’s how technology weaponized information, creating a niche for cybersecurity startups in the truth economy.

Thank you to the founders, investors, operators, and academics who have chatted with me about the space over the last several months: Bill Coughran, Maggie Engler, Isabella Garcia-Carmargo, Vas Natarajan, Gordon Crovitz, Steven Brill, Dan Brahmy, Théo Lepage-Richer, and others.

In this post…

  1. How truth was lost in technological innovation
  2. The impact of social media on historical centers of knowledge and modern-day information consumption
  3. The case for reframing disinformation as a security issue and a business opportunity
  4. Current disinformation solutions and the market landscape for disinformation defense startups
  5. The challenges ahead

Technology’s Impact on Truth

Throughout history, truth has been presented through three mediums: text, visuals, and…

You can see my original article on the Two Sigma Ventures blog here. Thank you Mickey, Villi, Colin, Dan, Lindsey, Frances, and Natalie for helping review!

Market landscape of healthcare startups that will shape the post-pandemic future.

Though we’ve had our fair share of global health outbreaks in recent history, COVID-19 most closely parallels the 1918 flu pandemic in scale and impact — a once-in-a-hundred-years type of black swan event. Overwhelmed hospital systems, a lack of extensive contact tracing, enforced mask coverings, and quarantine and isolation were all hallmarks of the 1918 experience, which is not too different from what we’re seeing today. But if there’s any silver lining that comes…

Special thanks to Lucy Wang for her mentorship on this topic!

Startups addressing threat of adversarial attacks along the AI/ML value chain.

More than 4,300 AI startups have raised equity funding since 2014, raising over $26.6B in 2019 alone. As we continue to burn through an almost decade-long funnel of VC funding into the next “AI for ____” startup, these applications have become increasingly palpable at the consumer level — evident in controversial facial recognition plays, helpful AI physician support tools, and growing autonomous vehicle (AV) tests on the road. This unprecedented amount of VC financing has been majorly responsible for enabling AI/ML applications to become more closely intertwined with everyday…

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